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Frequently Asked Questions
Compilation of the most commonly asked questions
Feature Your Best Stories and Posts
You can feature your best stories, articles or posts on your profile page in 2 ways: As part of the slideshow at the top Below the slideshow on your profile page In the next 3 slides we Read more
What Are Collections?
For each story you may create several collections to organize, analyze and make sense of your findings. Once all the content has been synthasized you may house the final story in any one of the Read more
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Add It Button
Install the Add It Button to collect valuable content need for your curated articles and stories. 
Step 1: How To Add Content To Your Collection
While surfing the web, you might find a nugget of information that might prove useful for your curated piece, there are 2 ways you can add the content to one of your collection for future use. Read more
azita Asks,
Seen this super cute item that I know my friend would love. Can I suggest it to her?
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azita Click on the rollover Suggest button
ohthatsyou This shows you how to add an item from someone else's collection
azita Asks,
Like one of your friend's pieces or collages in a collection or your style wall? How do you add it to your collection?
Who Are Experts? Can I become one?
Step 1: Your Style Wall
This is where you find all your friends activities and questions. You can also ask questions and share here